From the idea
and functional prototypes
through serial production

You want to, but don’t know how yet?

We’ll develop your idea into an innovation that works. We have closely networked research and development for this ambitious goal. Charging technologies, controls and the entire production process—many factors need to come together for this to happen, but we know what we’re doing. These skills haven’t come from nothing, but are based on more than 20 years of experience.

Research and development

New goals also have beautiful paths. That’s why we like to be there from the first step. To us, meaningful support means guiding you through every phase—from planning and construction through to development, production and serial production. Along the way, we analyze your systems, look for suitable battery storage systems, design cell types and protection electronics; we pay attention to standards and certifications and rejoice with you about the first complete prototypes.

Own battery management systems

Well-designed security is now a standard feature of development. For this reason, highly intelligent battery products are now equipped with lithium-ion technology with a multilevel electronic Battery Management System. This system measures every parameter of the batteries. It monitors, regulates and protects the rechargeable batteries. If necessary, it breaks the circuit and equalizes the charge on the batteries. As a result, the Battery Management System considerably increases the performance and service life of the batteries.

Production and manufacturing

Made in Austria! First of all, quality needs all the stakeholders to have a uniform understanding of quality. That’s why we prefer Austrian partners. The effect? You get top ISO 9001 quality, fast deliveries and lots of flexibility. We offer manual and fully automated production and guarantee comprehensive quality management to achieve and push top safety standards. Our rechargeable battery packs are manufactured with ESD protection to avoid electronic faults.