e battery systems GmbH
research, development and production
of battery systems

The engine of the future

We are not a classic dealer of batteries and rechargeable batteries. Our strength is developing individual, high-performance electronics around your project. We are researching the future and develop high innovative electromobility products, cell cooling systems and second-life-use applications. e.battery systems is a start-up with history. What started as a family business in 1995 is culminating in 2021 in market-leading technologies with flexibility, speed and innovative strength as a patent.

What e battery systems stands for:

Everything from
one source
We are very close to the customer in every phase, from the idea to the start of production.
Fast response
We like it efficient, direct and uncomplicated. Our hierarchies are flat, the paths short.
Smart ideas need one thing above all else: the knowledge of how to. You’ll find plenty of know-how with us.
What will technology be able to do in 10 years? The trends of the future are fascinating. And closer than ever before.
Highest standards
of quality
We believe in progress and quality. In this respect, we are strict with ourselves than with others.
Focus on
We live in a nest of innovation, which makes it easy for us to act with locality in mind.